Here at Power Ranches (located in Southeastern Arizona), we raise only the very finest organic beef. We are a family owned and operated ranch, and all of our animals are owner certified organic Limousin cattle. Our beef cattle graze naturally and are raised on the finest pastures possible containing alfalfa and a variety of other natural grasses. Our animals never see a feedlot. They are given no additives, no antibiotics, no hormones, no steroids, and certainly no animal by products. Our beef are all 100% organic, the safest and healthiest product available. We also adhere to a very strict breeding program where we can trace every animal to its origin.
  Why Limousin?  
For the discerning customer, Limousin beef is truly the smart choice. Consider, compared to other breeds, Limousin beef is:
  • More Flavorful
  • More Juicy
  • More Tender
  • Bigger – offering more muscle per cut compared to other breeds of the same age and weight
  • Leaner
  • Lower in calories
  • Lower in cholesterol
  What we offer:  
Whole Limousin 100% organic carcasses. Our beef are aged for 14 days and custom processed to your specifications in our private butchering shop. Here we bring you the finest cuts available at the best prices.
  1. 500 lb. Steer – we offer our youngest, most tender, leanest beef. This animal will yield approximately 200 lbs. of high quality organic beef.
  2. 750 lb Steer – we offer slightly larger cuts of meat at a lower price per pound. This animal will yield approximately 300lbs. of packaged organic beef.
  3. 1000 lb. Steer and Greater– we offer the biggest, most handsome cuts available, while maintaining all the flavor, juiciness and tenderness that any beef can offer at the best possible bargain. This animal will yield approximately 400 lbs. of premium organic beef.